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Apr 18, 2015

Win one of the three $60 POPULAR Bookstore vouchers!

Answer the questions below and stand to win one of the three $60 POPULAR Bookstore vouchers!

Qn 1:

Operated by the RSAF's _______ Squadron, the Hermes 450 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) features extended endurance, advanced avionics, and more capable sensors compared to the older UAVs.

Qn 2:

The first batch of volunteers from the SAF Volunteer Corps underwent the Basic Training Course (__________) from 24 Mar to 4 Apr, in which they learnt basic military skills like individual field craft, live firing and the technical handling of the Singapore Assault Rifle 21.

Qn 3:

Completed in 2009, the SAF Cross Country Driving Circuit was built to train soldiers on the finer points of off-road driving. Its 26 stations include obstacles such as the ______ Track, Plank Bridge and Trunk Logs.

Location: Cyber Pioneer
Closing Date: 30 Apr 2015

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