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Jul 5, 2014

Win a Domino's football finals pizza party

What better way to watch football than with a couple of friends while eating pizza!

Well, now you can do that because together with Domino's, ST Communities is giving away prizes to their top squad of reader contributors.

They have 8 Regular Pizzas to give away, each with 1 limited edition Popobe Bear.

And on top of that, for their superstar contributions, they have 3 sets of Bola Meal #2's worth $82.40 each. Each Bola Meal #2 comes with 2 Xtra Large pizzas + 1 set Napolitana Baked Meatballs per set and 1 limited edition Popobe Bear - perfect for a party!

How do you win these prizes?

SUBMIT A CONTRIBUTION to related to the football madness.

Location: ST Communities
Closing Date:

Click here to take part in the contest

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