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Do you know you can leverage on Contests Inkie to promote your contests? 

Here are the options.

1. Blog Post
$60 per post that includes:
  • A blog post with description of contest information of up to 200 words and up to 3 pictures.
  • The blog post will remain as the top post on the landing page for 2 weeks.
  • A Facebook Wall Post about the contest and link to the contest website.
  • A Tweet with link to the contest website on Contests Inkie Twitter.(@contestsinkie)
For this, you will have to provide the content and pictures for us to put up on the blog post.

2. Top Banner

A banner just below the Contests Inkie banner on the blog. Size is up to 728 x 90 pixels.
  • $15 per week, or
  • $50 per 4 weeks

3. Side Banner
A banner on the right panel on the blog. Size is up to 160x 600 pixels.
  • $15 per week, or
  • $50 per 4 weeks

4. Payment Terms
We accept payment by Internet banking or Cheque. 

Contact us at for more information.

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