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Oct 29, 2015

Win a $99 Smart Cup!

Who Else Wants a Contest with a $99 Prize Item? We're going to throw three questions this week. Lucky winners will get a $99 cup.
Wait a minute. A $99 cup? Yes, indeed.It is nor ordinary cup.
- It knows how much water is inside it.
- It tells you the temperature of the water.
- It responds to you when you lift up the cup
- It calculates accurately how much water you consumed

Answer the question below correctly before 30th October 6am and stand a chance to win an awesome Cuptime:

The device that connects everything in the smart home together is called a
[A] switchboard
[B] smart sensor
[C] hub

Location: SITEX - Your Digital Playground
Closing Date: 30 Oct 2015

Click here to take part in the contest

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