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Apr 8, 2015

WIN! Freeing SG tickets are up for grabs (worth over $992)!

“What’s going on?!”

Then it hits you - this planet (Planet T908) was once a thriving place, and home after a group of humans managed to escape from Earth due to diminished resources. However, due to extensive space travel, the galaxy has become seriously unstable and you’ve been experiencing multiple meteorite showers in the recent months.

Just yesterday, the planet’s weather systems have warned that a meteorite shower so serious that it would wipe out the planet is about to strike us. People have been frantically searching for functional space shuttles in a bid to escape this doomed planet. You and your friend were just about to get onto your space shuttle when a meteorite hits your home and both of you passed out when large blocks of debris hit you.

You look to the left, and there lies your friend. You pull yourself towards him, shake him up and notice a deep gash on his leg. But before both of you get a chance to discuss about what had happened, more meteorites start to fall, missing you by inches.

Quickly, you and your friend rise to your feet, running towards the space shuttle that sits at the end of the road, with more meteorites raining down. The planet’s warning system goes off, notifying you that you have exactly one minute to escape before the final meteorite hits, destroying the planet completely.

You know this is your last chance to escape. You have to make a decision, run to the space shuttle and escape but you would have to leave your friend behind as the deep cut on his leg hinders his movements. Or you can help your friend get to the space shuttle, but risk the chance of coming out alive.

Choose now. Tell us what you would do in this situation and you could be one of three lucky winners to walk away with tickets to Freeing SG at The Cathay. Each week we’re giving away:

One bundle of four tickets (*peak hours)
Two bundles four tickets (non-peak hours)
Answer this life-changing question now, and if you’re picked, you and your friends get to experience a reality game like no other.


Closing Date: 26 Apr 2015

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