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Aug 3, 2011

Win a Singapore Football National Team Jersey worth $79

Location: Liga Singapura
Closing Date: 7 Nov 2011
Category: Online, Free

Folks with Twitter account, do take note. @LigaSingapura is organizing a very interesting contest for the #sleague tweeting community.

The contest runs from 2 August, till the last day of the season, which is the first week of November. There will be scores awarded for the correct score predicted(10 points), as well as the correct outcome of the match (5 points). Entries per day closes at 5 minutes before KO.

All you have to do will be as follows:

1) Clearly indicating the team scores for the night in the sleague

2) Send the entry to @LigaSingapura with the ur predictions

Eg: Match day: Tanjong Pagar vs Young Lions
Your prediction is A Tanjong Pagar victory, therefore, you will need to indicate "@LigaSingapura Tanjong Pagar 1-0 Young Lions #sleaguequiz"

If the outcome of the match is what you've predicted, You will be awarded 15 points. 10pts for the correct score, and 5 pts for the correct outcome.

If Tanjong Pagar wins, but it is not the score that you predicted, fret not, as you will still be awarded 5pts for getting the correct outcome.

If there's any other result other than a Tanjong Pagar win, then you score no points.

A table will be tracked on the points accumulators.

To make things easier for the rest of the interested parties who do not have a twitter account, Simply follow the steps mentioned above, and send the entries in to, indicating Sleaguequiz as the subject in the mail.

The winner of the contest will walk away with a Singapore National Team Jersey worth $79(RRP)

Click here to take part in the contest.

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