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Jul 28, 2011

Win Tickets to Watch the Latest Horror Comedy!

Location: Starhub
Closing Date: 4 Aug 2011
Category: Movies, Free

恐怖动作喜剧《撞鬼》由三个故事相互穿插而成,讲述一连串看似相连又不相干的人事物,因为“现代恶魔” 阿源(李国煌饰)的影响,导致一系列纠缠不清的命运交错。想知道这些人物的结局?您只需回答以下问题,便有机会赢取一对《撞鬼》的入门票和一张精美海报!40对戏票和海报等你来赢取!

Twisted, the latest horror comedy recount the story of how individual characters from different walks of life cross paths and how Guan (Mark Lee), the uncouth and funny “modern devil” caused a series of twisted events amongst them.

Answer a simple question below and stand a chance to win a poster and a pair of in-season tickets to watch this horror comedy! 40 pairs of tickets and posters up for grabs!

Click here to take part in the contest.

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