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Jul 31, 2011

Win a full Razer StarCraft II set worth $507!

Location: YOuth.SG
Closing Date: 6 Aug 2011
Category: Online, Free

Do you like gaming? Are you a fan of FPS, RTS or pretty much anything that involves pwning your opponents. Get that extra edge with a gaming set from Razer.

Razer is the world’s largest gaming hardware brand and here's your chance to win some of their highly rated equipment. Founded in the US in 1998, Razer has been designing and developing the best gaming equipment for gamers across the world. Used by some of the biggest names in gaming worldwide, we now give you a chance to dominate the playing field by winning these award winning products.

Designed to work in unison, and created for StarCraft II, this Razer hardware trifecta will give you the speed, command and precision necessary to dispatch any opponent you face whether they bring the military might of the Terran Dominion war machine, the deadly ferocity of the Zerg hive, or the advanced technology of the combined Protoss tribes.

Win! One set of Razer StarCraft II set worth $507 for a very lucky Youth.SG reader.

Click here to take part in the contest.

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